I Am An African American Girl And I Am Attracted To White Men

I have always been attracted to African American men...but recently...i don't know theres something about Caucasian men that's attractive to me. but i never though a Caucasian boy/man would be attracted to me...given my darker complexion. but i guess ou never know (:
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As a white guy born/raised in Metro Detroit I have had the privilege of meeting/dating several attractive ebony beauties. I actually still regret letting a certain special lady slip away. Totally my fault :-(
After admiring your stunning profile pic, I would be so into providing for your every need and treating you the way a princess like you deserves....

You are very attractive, any guy would be lucky to have you.

God, it's the truth, I am white and you are so gorgeous that
you belong in a magazine. I would do anything to have you.

You are very sexy i would love to take you oUT

"i never though a Caucasian boy/man would be attracted to me...given my darker complexion."

I've never understood this. Yes, even as a kid I was always much more attracted to black women, but the whole skin tone issue that some talk about just doesn't make much sense to me. If anything, I've seen some darker-toned women who were absolute knockouts. For me, the personality of the black women I've dated has always "roped me in" so to say. They've just always been irresistible.

the tone thing is an issue i deal with in college. lighter tines are considered better than the darker tones.

I'm a coffee colored black woman with locs. My boyfriend is white. It's the first interracial relationship for both of us. We were attracted to each other because of similar interests and values. We had been platonic friends for years during my marriage and had never noticed each other romantically. Our chemistry is amazing. He also thinks I beautiful and loves looking at me. Neither my ex husband nor most of my other lovers -- all black-- loved to look at me the way he does. And I'm in my 60s!

way to go! i feel the same way about my husband..hes white and i feel like he looks into my soul! i love the way his eyes dance over me. :) hes my first love <3

You are a beautiful woman!!!! Dark skinned women are very beautiful!

Hey :) is love to chat some time !:)