Magick Comes From the Heart

I discovered my magickal abilities when I was 18. I had done the first degree of Reiki some time before and met a new friend, who is a professional medium and witch, through whom I started to gain contact with the "occult".

One day, when I was packing to go on vacation with some friends, my mom found a Marseilles tarot deck that one of her patients gave her 8 years before. I thought it could be fun to play cards with them (just for fun) and so I did, me and my friends joined at the beach, asking questions to the deck and I reading the answers. It was surprising, cause I've never had contact with tarot before, but I could actually read them and perceive what kind of question was being asked. Since then, it was quite an evolution! My faith got stronger and I discovered I could do so much more! I'm not a specialist nor very gifted in each one of these, but I have empathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience, innate knowledge of the properties of many herbs, see auras and other energies, I can see where disease is in people and sometimes I can understand animals (this last 2 are the less developed).

Magick has been on of the more recent "acquisitions", but one that I appreciate a lot. I had to learn all by myself, as my magickal practices don't fit any established system of magick known, but it's got many similarities with wicca and druidry (it's getting everytime more similar i think).

I love to do magick and I love to be a white witch, cause it makes me feel really connected to nature and the Divine at the same time. It seems that everytime I do a ritual/spell, I get happier and calmer.

I wish many more persons would listen more to their hearts instead of their heads and stomaches, cause it makes us understand that we're all connected and that life is fragile and precious. That knowledge brings peace and light to all of us, independently of one's religion and race. Being a witch is just one of the ways to get there and to honour it after having learned it.

Hope my story is useful. Happiness and health to everyone!

Aoine Aoine
22-25, F
5 Responses May 28, 2007

the power of 3.

it doesnt juz come from the heart it comes from body mind soul.

I suggest you should join our White Magic League. Welcome aboard??? – Raegraven the Relentless

you are my muse you lift my spirit whenever i read anything of yours you are such an inspiration .. Blessed be. xx

Thank you for sharing your story.<br />
You are a wonderful person with lots of potencial with in yourself. I wished you had more trust in yourself and admit that you're very very powerful and not a bit powerful!<br />
Thank you for helping others to feel it to.