Tarot, Dreams and Intuition... Magick?

I was banned from bringing tarot cards to school in high school (a Catholic school) when I terrified my study hall teacher, whom I knew very little about, by giving her a spot-on accurate tarot reading in response to a question about her and her husband's search for a new house.  I do Celtic Cross readings, which refer to the past, present and future and I knew things from the reading about her past and her husband's past that I could never have known unless she had told me, which she hadn't.  I believe very strongly in the tarot. 

I also have very strong realistic dreams (which often come true or I later remember due to deja vu) and strong, incredibly accurate intuition/gut feelings. 

I call myself a Catholic Witch (the Catholicism is mostly a front because I still live at home with my mom's mom, who is an uber-Catholic... however, I also feel that Catholicism is a very pagan religion), and I definately believe in magick!

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Celtic Cross is one of my favorite spreads. I used to read tarot- I haven't done it in a couple years. I was never able to open up enough to let my intuition flow freely, so I never got really confident in it. I mostly read for myself, though I did read for others a few times and there were definitely some accuracies.

yes you are very giftet. I went to a fortuneteller and she told me my future with tarot cards. I published a story about that is called "I went to a fortune-teller" you can check it out if you want to. best luck to you ;)

hi I see that you are a very gifted. and you seem to be very centerd./ I see you know Aoine shes a very good and powerful friend, Im glad you met her shes very calming ..lol.. I hope all goes well with your life and your gifts and allways remember that you will never be alone and that we are everywear and we will help yopu if you need it, If you ever need to talk, im here, ok?? love and light will gide you to the eternal happyness that you deserve..Phoenix xx