I Am a Pagan Witch

I have always known that I was different. At school I was very deep and solitory. I had few friends but that did'nt bother me that much. The friends I did have were good one's and understood me. And that is a main point in my life, I have been very misunderstood by many all my life. At the young age of 6, my Grandmother whome had been a sundayschool teacher and was very Christian and religious, gave me 'The Childrens Bible for Christmas. I could never read it, because to me if felt wrong. I felt that it was not for me. At the age of 8 I had my first known premonition, and the detail and visual was so accurate. At about the same time, I started sensing things and seeing things in a very old mirror that had belonged to my grandmother. My mother put it down to an over active imagination, but my father stayed quiet and removed the mirror from the dresser. The furnichure that was now in my room had belonged to my Grandmother who by then had passed over. As I got older I became able to effect electrical devices. And by my 20's I had started to blow fuses and light bulbs. I became aware that these things happened when I was upset and angered mainly. I got interested in the paranormal to try and understand it all. It was then that I discovered Paganism, and so much that I believed in and experianced fit like a glove. At last I finaly found where I belonged, I was Pagan. These days I do and have a vast interest in Tarot, Runes, Numerology, scrying, spirit contact and am a strong believe in fate. When I go to spiritual meets, I very often get picked, and My Grandmother comes through. I have crystals and a wand but as yet never done a spell. I love the moon and have a vast interest in it's cycle. I enjoy witchy music and chants and go to as many mystic fayres as I can, where I have spoken to on a few occasions, the Highland seer, Barbara Micklejohn Free. I hope one day to be able to take part in one of her Pastlife workshops and really get to know who I really am. Love and Light, Dawn   

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I suggest you should join our White Magic League. Welcome aboard??? – Raegraven the Relentless

I have been put through Sunday school and confirmed in the Anglican, Christian faith, but never really agreed with it. After being confirmed to the Christian faith, I felt different, like I couldn't be me. And to this day still feel like that because my parents are strong Christians and don't understand Paganism. They think it's wrong, so I am forced to practice in secret...