Need Some Of My Own People

i have a hot energy. i attract spirits. always have done this. i can make things,happen by thought alone. i attract little demonsandcancontrol them am i the only one? also i can't stop spelling backwards. i'm cree and ojibway by heritage, my roots are metis.

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I was wondering if you could tell if I will end up with him or not

And if I will end up with him then how will this happen?
Because at the moment he is seeing someone on and off but doesn't love her but she is being extremely manipulative even with his youngest daughter

If she doesn't love him then why doesn't she find find some who she can find love with?

Do you think you could advice me? Or if you see anything with the energy you have?

I am sending you my blessing love and good wishes :) xx

Do you think you could advice me on the man I love?

You should join our White Magic League. Welcome aboard! --Raegraven the Relentless

I attract spirits like crazy. I live in a haunted house, but the thing is, the spirits follow me. Everywhere. They follow me from one home to the other, to my friend's homes, to school even. I go nowhere without seeing something supernatural, and my boyfriend is starting to get creeped out because when we're home, I'm always turning my head because I see someone walking by and he asks me what's wrong, and all I can say is "Oh, nothing, just thought someone was here, that's all." But it happens so much he's starting to question me. The problem is he doesn't believe in the supernatural. He's 100% atheist, and I'm very spiritual. I kind of have to be. It's difficult. But yeah, try to keep the demons away because they will only do their best to ruin your life. Or destroy it.

Hi demoneyes240
It is such a relief to hear someone has experiences like mine. What you have written, could be me writing. I can also read atmospheres and changes in them. I have met maybe 2 people who were so encouraging but those who don't believe have thought that I was just "gullible" and those who believed themselves to be pretty powerful have just tried to belittle me. Have you experienced anything like this?

okay hunny just becarfull with demons because there are more like enemys you thing that you controll them and then bang you end up dieing and i'm atract spirits too and controll fire, earth and wind i will in future water but because fire is really strong i cannot do it water easly