Wolf Therian

Hey there people! Im a winged wolf therian. White fur of course! My eyes are burning yellow. I am alpha of my pack, but we chose not to name the pack yet. It just... idk, makes my pack feel like a rp pack and not a real one when it is.
PhantomWulfe PhantomWulfe
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Is this real or not? I'm tired of people not cutting to the chase. Do you pretend to be a wolf or are you are real one???

im a therian :P nothing more, nothing less. im not those fakes that claim to have supernatural powers and all this far out BS -_-

a wolf with wings... very cool

Winged therians are very rare. Im guessing your a therian too? :)

Actually I know a few other winged therians.