My Super Hero Story!

Some years ago, I enjoyed very, very much being single! I got invited to everything, by everyone I know, all the time, I was very dependable was always there, life of the party type. I had a variety of friends, and the more the internet expanded the broader ranged that got. I went out with, made friends with people from all walks of life.
One of my closest and dearest friends at the time, that I worked with, was an awesome tall, good looking, gay, black man whose knowledge of the cool clubs in town to go to at that time was astonishingly fun! I saw drag shows, went to fetish balls, Cabarets and yet was a woman who loved **** more than the average jane, Hey it was what he and I had most in common, other than enjoying one another’s company. Well one night after work he wanted to go to a new pool hall kind of bar that had just opened up downtown. I thought sure, as it was something different. You know I never ever even talked about it with him.
To this day I am still unsure if this was a gay bar or what, but never really cared either way. He saw a friend, when we first got there in the back where the pool tables were that he went to go greet and I had a hard night of work and just wanted a drink. It was a busy long bar to which I sat about middle next to this very attractive black woman, she was wearing a short black halter dress that she filled nicely, beautiful long jet black hair that draped her shoulders, small gold jewelry and high heels and smelled good, knew the perfume, Jessica Mcclintock. She glanced over at me as I sat down and in this very sweet voice said, "good evening". I smiled back and said, "good evening", and how are you doing? Seems we have both been having the same kind of night and didn't feel much like being bothered, just wanted to drink listen to music be alone.
The music playing from the jukebox was the hits at the time, as I got my drink and was settling in the spot I noticed these 5 white college guys, couple in polo shirts, khaki pants, different head wear standing against the wall behind us. They apparently wanted and had been coming on to the lovely lady sitting next to me before I got there and by the look on her face they were bothering her and she was being to polite to them hoping they would stop, a real lady. I asked if she would like for me to get rid of them and she did. So of course I started on like we knew each other, we're together, I didn't appreciate the disrespect they were showing her, the rude comments and so I started to really just give it to them and was having fun with it too got her into it, we were creative, they were relentless, told them to go find their wives, girlfriends or whatever, just leave us alone, they were all surprised someone didn't want anything to do with them, but really we weren't kidding, was pretty creepy.
When all the sudden to convince them she was with me, she kissed me! It was one of the longest, softest, sweetest kisses I had ever had in my life and she had just had a slippery nipple shot so it tastes good too. I had kissed other girls before but this was different, it took my breath away and our teeth didn't hit, it was perfect. Not to mention being way to unexpected, it was just so sweet. So what do you know, we had got rid of those guys, or they moved to another part of the bar. She thanked me over and over buying drinks, calling me her hero, we got so drunk, and danced the night away together in front of that juke box, rubbing our bodies together and really had a great time. Leaving as this bar never closes as we walked out together the sun was rising over the water, we said our good byes. I never got her number would probably not know her to walk by her now. I hope wherever she is, she is happy, healthy and getting everything out of life that she ever wanted.
I am so blessed to have met and learned from a real lady on how to be one, it is a pleasant experience I will treasure forever. Thank you Aneesha
vvonderwoman vvonderwoman
41-45, F
Dec 5, 2012