A Letter From My Heart

Dear Black Man,

I'm guessing that you don’t know that I want to love you. I want you to be my lover and I want to be your lover.

I hear from some that there just are not enough of you out there for me to love, that our love should not be, but believe me that that has never been my feeling or reality. Some even say that you don’t have the education a man In my life ahould have, but I know to the contrary as I have met many of you that do.

For years now I have know what I want and I realize that a Black Man is predestined to be in my life. Since my first kiss back in High School when I was dating a young black man I absolutely knew. Just as the stars need the sky and the ocean needs a sandy beach, I know what I need.

I am not afraid to say this. I want and need you. I need you in my life, in my laughter. I want you to protect me from my fears.

Not only do you exist, it is my belief that you actually flourish. Your ability to grow and achieve regardless of the conditions life hands you I believe is one of your best attributes.

I love you. I want you. I need you.

You could come home to me with your frustrations at the end of day and  I would ease them away with the softest touch and a tender kiss, for sure.

I am here for you on your worst days just but promise me that you will not leave me on your best days.

I will love you my Black Man, no matter what they tell me. Trust, communication, honesty and love between us can make this a reality.

I know what I need and I know what I want.

I want and I need ... you! A Black Man in my life.

Quite possibly contrary to all popular belief ... I know the answer.

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Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
9 Responses Aug 11, 2010

How you doing? I'm Mr Mandingo the BBCKing. We should talk since you love black men and big black ****. Don't she afraid to write back.

we love you too

Wow...that was a great piece. Welcome to Africa. You will get a variety of authentic black men who can make very good partners.

You wanna come live with me and be my slave babe?

The strange thing is .. I've never had a white woman but always wanted one .. especially one with an incredibly big butt .. id give anything to live that fantasy out ..

Dear josie06 your feelings are deep

Dear josie06 your feelings are deep

Dear josie06 your feelings are deep

That's deep.