Someone Is Doing Witchcraft On Me Please Helppp I Dont Deserve Thiss

can you help me protect myselfff and stop or at least lessen the harm whoever it is is doing to me and somehow help me figure out WHOOO is this far i can only think of three ppl who really hated me but out of jealousy i never harmed them or at least ment to!! i didnt mean to do whatever i did i was told they feel great envy and hate and want me DEADDD pleaseee PLEASEEE HELPPP MEEE
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I am cursed. I suffer under extreme measures. The curses on me are seen by and heard by everyone I meet. Even some are cursed for helping me fight for freedom. Im oppressed by witches that work for human traffickers. I am a runaway slave.I need help from someone who has successfully, gotten rid of all curses from a person. Do not respond if your just giving me info from something you read some where. Do not respond if you think im using symbolism. Do not respond if you think you know what your talking about. I am in serious trouble. F.Y.I. The witches are willing to curse you to keep you from helping me. THIS IS NOT FOR POSERS.

were a cross all the time and dont worry they cant kill you and everytime they do wich craft the pain comes ten fold back at them

I'm going through the same thing if you find any info please let me know I'm going on 3yrs it isn't fun and they can hurt you I know who my person is and I don't know how to stop it

I am ruuning out right now to buy a live chicken and some bat wings.......I will make a chicken bat brew that will alleviate this spell........

zurie becuz everything bad happens to me and everything goes wrong for me its wayyy to much to type but to cut it short lets jus say i have allll the symptoms of sumone doin it to me except of maybe like 4 symptoms out of 4 pages but i wanted to know what signs are there that sumone is doing this to you no i will not seek revenge i just want to keep away from this person

Hey who are you i think i need your help

First remember that what you put out you shall receive times three so whomever is doing this to you, will receive it three-fold. I'm sorry you are so hurt and scared, this also helps to lend power to whatever it is they may be using against you. I agree with Sjachaurix, counter spells typically, in my view, unless they are for protection only and not revenge, backfire. Your will is key here, the most powerful witch can not harm someone (nor shouldn't according to our law) who has their will protected. Things may get rough, but by calling on Lord & Lady to protect you, dead relatives, and even just your higher self can help in this regard. May I ask why you are so sure someone is "attacking" you with witchcraft? I use quotes because it is highly unethical although not unknown to happen. My blessings of light and love be with you darling.<br />
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Blessed Be!<br />
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zurie someone is doing bad things to my girlfriend they dont want her to be happy i been trying to help her and i want to help her but i just dont know what to do because she has headaches real bad and when she sleeps someone keeps hurting her i seen it and she tells me please make that man go away dont let him hurt me anymore , i was told that whoever is doing that to her is afraid of me thats why they are in a hurry to make her sleep and never wake up thats why i got to do something fast for her to be better and so she can take care of her kids i have to help her some how but i dont know how i need someone to guide me and tell me what to do

I'm going through the same thing except for I know who this man is and he has been hurting me going on 3 years. Pure control I can't do anything with anybody and I don't know how to stop it good luck to you guys and she is lucky to have somebody that believes her everyone thinks I'm nuts more power to you guys I think my life is screwed

Not necessary true.<br />
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Rituals effect us on many levels. Our own psychology is just as necessary to combat as any energy force that may or may not be active in our lives.<br />
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sending you a pm.