I Want to Be Understood.

I am Wiccan and I am sixteen years old. I live with my grandparents who are devout Christians. They are against anything that isn't Christian and so it is nearly impossible to practice my religion without the fear of being caught and judged for it. And now I have a chance to let it all out.

; ) - Gaia9007

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Don't let anyone influence u! lol :) I am also in a super Catholic house, I haven't told any1 I'm Wiccan and can only do small things so they don't find out, but keep an eye out, u never know who is also in the broom closet ;) good luck and Blessed Be

I hope you have a guide, or someone like that.

I'm a Christian, and I believe that your grandparents are making the wrong choice by being judgemental. Although I believe that Christianity is the only right religion, I don't disown my friends with other beliefs, but I don't tolerate it either. I let them know everytime I see them that I'm praying for them and that I care for them, it is the only thing that I can do to show Christ's love. I pray that the Holy Spirit would soften their hearts and that they would come to know Jesus, I pray this for you too. Please take this the right way, I don't mean it as a jab at your religion, it's simply what I believe. :)<br />
<br />

Do not eat of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, means "Christianity is the Only RIGHT religion" is in conflict with what god wants

where can I find out more about wicca

Hello! I really hope you can cope with your Wiccan belief...I am sending you healing light and lots of love...If there is anything you like to ask, I would love to share my experience with you.....You should be proud to be a Wiccan love! Wiccan Witch..

well you should be able pratcice your religon. its not satanic or nothng. your grandparents should accept that.

look you need to stop this satanic madness. it will just damn you to hell. welcome the lord into your life

Wiccan came from the drudis, and so did christainity

Wiccan came from the drudis, and so did christainity

Wiccan came from the drudis, and so did christainity

Wiccan came from the drudis, and so did christainity

My apologies for my ignorance but what is wickka?

Wicca... it's hard to explain as people practice Wicca differently but in simple terms it's the worship of nature and/or different gods and goddesses, it is also our belief to draw powers from nature for 'magic'. Hope this helped! :)

Oooh... not something I would go for but ok, thanks for the explanation :o)

Hi gaia9007 nice to meet you.<br />
I am a wiccan also, I have been a wiccan for nearly 7 years I started at the age of 12, too young if you ask me I was un experianced and didnt understand the true meaning of wicca nor its true potencial, But I had help with my belefs by my mum.,As she is also a wiccan as well as my gran and great gran,Any way enough about me wat about you? If your grand paerents wouldent want you to get involved in this sort of thing well just dont tell them and if one day they find out then tell them that its your life and its something that you beleve in.<br />
I understand how your feeling at the moment, You felt befor that something was rong and that you were alone in this world and your belefes that no one would ever understand you,.Well sunshine wake up and breath the fresh air cuz there are loads of us in this and you arent aloe any more.Just so you know Im here if you need me and If you dont fully understand what Im about well just read some of my storys and hopfully then you will,<br />
Take care and remember your not alone we are here 4 you and we always will be,Good luck and Ill hope and wate 4 a reply.<br />
Let the love and light gide you to eternal happyness and the god and goddess of the world protect you forever.Blessed be Phoenix x