Thank Goddess

I grew up Catholic and can remember asking the Nun's who worked in my elementary school library where the books on Witchcraft were. I guess  I always must have known I was Wiccan before I even knew what Wicca was. Being Catholic it was not a hard jump from praying to the Virgin to praying to the Goddess. After all they are really one and the same. It has not been the easiest path. My family was and for the most part still is against it, I am from a small town where there is not many others of like mind and I had to let go of a relationship because the other person could not really accept me as a Witch. I would not change a thing though. Through my beliefs I have learned acceptance and tolerance.  I feel more centered and connected to the earth when I am living the magickal life. Thank Goddess I am a Witch.
LunaKat LunaKat
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 10, 2007

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