Im Different But Proud

Hi im a wicca or a witch as some call us.

I have been a wicca since i was 12,.To young if you ask me, I was unexperianced and i didnt understand the true meaning and power of the wiccan ways.

But i have been a wicca for nearly7 years now.And i have helped 4 new wicas to understand the meaning of wicca and its and thair true potencial,  i am in a coven of wiccans and belevers. If you need any advice or someone to listen to your trobles ill be here.

Only one rule NO FAKERS.

Good luck and let the love and light of the world guide you to eternal happynes and protect you from a worse fate than death.

P.S sorry about the spelling,Not to good at writting in english.  FIREBIRD x {phoenix}

firebird firebird
18-21, F
2 Responses May 4, 2007

Hey Firebird do you have Windows Messenger (MSN) and if so can i have your e-mail address because I would like to have your help with my religion.

Hey, me too ! Will write you when i get a bit more time, just wanted to make contact. Blessed be !