Pagan and Very Proud !

I am a Wiccan , and have been for many of my lives, I believe. I can recall being hounded for my beliefs inmany past lives and have been "told" that at one point was actually  hung for it.  That I can believe , even now I cant bear anything tight round my neck ! When I was growing up it wasnt the done thing to be out in the garden talking to the Goddess, indeed at one point my dad thought i should "see somebody " because i wasnt quite right.! fortunately my Mum shared my beliefs , as did my Nan and I grew up learning to read tea leaves and tarot cards. I prefer runes now. For the first half of my life tho, I kept my beliefs under wraps. The "New Age" era hadnt taken off then,. I used to smile to myself, cos there was nothing  "new " age about it ! Very old age to me ! Anyway, as the fates decreeI met and was formaly initiated into a Celtic tradition of the Craft and enjoyed some very fine celebrations of the Sabbats. I love the way of honouring our Lord and Lady , and of course the Moon holds a special magic. I mainly worksolitary now, but do still acknowledge the seasonal gifts that Gaia gives to us. I do workings for people when asked to do so and if I believe it is for their highest good. I follow the Wiccan Rede faithfully and would never delibrately harm anyone. Being a Wiccan to me is a great comfort and privelidge, because I know that WHATEVER  happens, everymonth the Goddes will appear and she will light our path. Blessed Be !


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isn't it wonderful to recognize the magick of the universe and realize that you are an active part of that energy. i work solitary as well, but it is always nice to run across fellow wiccans.<br />
blessed be my friend!

I am not Wiccan but my cousin is. I have recently in the last year learned alot about Wiccan beliefs and I have to say its pretty cool. It's not at all what I expected. I think more people need to realize that it is a nature based religion and that you guys are not out there sacrificing animals! I was very impressed by what I had learned. I was raised in church as a child Baptist to be exact and I still believe in God but my beliefs are my own now. I don't believe in the whole fire and brimstone of hell that the church taught me to fear! I have always been very spiritual and some might say gifted. I realized this at a young age but the church would of told me it was evil and I don't believe that! So I am very open to different religous groups and I am interested in what other people study and believe in. I don't know all there is to know about being Wiccan but so far what I have learned is very intriguing!

Are the Ladies Of Avelon stories (can't remember the author) a pretty accurate account of Goddess Worshippers??