I need help my friand has a dise that will kill her in two years do you have a spell that you think can help?
She'll do inething.
I don't know what it is she won't give me detels but all I know is that it hits her bones crushing them. Plz help me she's all I have left of my Wicca sister's I can't lose her.
Thedarknessinme Thedarknessinme
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Merry Meet darkness,
I am sorry to hear of your friend's illness. While witches tend to live longer than others, we are not immune to serious diseases and we all die sooner or later. Our bodies do not last forever as our spirits do. Wicca teaches us to understand the natural cycles of life and death. When we do die we eventually reincarnate to live and find our friends again.

Healing spells are not my specialty. A "bone crushing" disease is a mystery to me. It may be a cancer or something else beyond the help of spells. Some good work for cancer is done with Neuro Linguistic Programming. It takes specialized training and skills to use it.

May the Lord and Lady bring peace and healing to you and your friend.