I Really Consider Myself a Witch

Not a Wiccan - though my screen name might imply othewise.  I'm Reclaiming Trad and have taugh Witchcraft to thousands of people (really).  In Reclaiming we want to reclaim the word Witch - so that it doesn't have the nasti connotation...  

Hugz n Blessed Be )O(

Wiccad Wiccad
41-45, M
1 Response May 31, 2007

yea you go man,., there is no reason why people should fear us or treat us any diferent...<br />
we are normal people but with diferent belefs, and gifts....<br />
but any way,.,love and light will gide our way to the eternall happynes that we deserve,., blessed be .merry ye meet merry ye part,., Phoenix x