I Am Wiccan So Deal With It

 I am a wiccan .  Just because im a wiccan dosent make me a bad person! NOT ALL wiccan's are bad people . I DO NOT nor do other wiccans I know worship Satan . I do beleive there is a satan I Do not and never will worship him. I hate people who talk s**** about wiccans. I dont' do it 2 ur religion. I just wish that u would respect my religion like i respect urs. I believe there is no one right religion. Because every1 has their religion that is right for them. so if every1 has their 1 right religion then their is no wrong religion. Hate me or like me this is who i am and who i always will be and this is how i feel. So don't try 2 change me because it will be a waste of ur time!!!



3moanj3wl 3moanj3wl
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1 Response Jan 13, 2007

Wow. You must get hassled about your religion a lot. That's sad. I agree with you though...people should respect others beliefs...wouldn't the world be such a better place if people would do that one small thing? But something I've learned is this world is never going to be like that...at least not during our exsistance...that's for sure. So what I've personally decided is I'm going to live how I want...be who I want.....and believe and practice religion how ever I want and if other people don't like it...sucks to be them. Take the hassle as a test...stand up for what you believe in and never let anyone put you or your beliefs down...let the trail make you stronger. Life is just so much better that way :)