A Lonely Widow Of 71

I am aed widow 71 and was married for 52 years to a wonderful man. I now live with my daughter pay all her bills her mortgage which takes everything I have. She is a single mom of 3. I give her all I have. Recently she had a friend with 4 kids move in because this women was evicted. My daughter gave up her bed her bathroom. This women pays 70.00 a mo. The friend comes first to get fed and then if there is enough food left we get some. I have gone round and round with this mexican lady. Ihave tried to tell my daughter she is using her. My daughter says if she loses her as a friend she will hate me. I am yelled at constantly and am told to mind my own business. This not a friend she is a user who only thinks of herself. I am too old to spend the rest of my life being upset each day. What to do
roe1941 roe1941
70+, F
Sep 19, 2012