Life Is Like Just Going Through The Motions And Not Really Living

my husband died very suddenly 6 months ago ( we only got married 5 months earlier) and i was paralized by grief !!I it got worse two weeks after i lost him that my best friend of 30 years also died as suddenly as david. i stay so busy  to pass time that if i have any free time i fall apart and i can't handle those times! david and i were friends first for 17 years and the two best friends are gone and no one or nothing has helped to fill the emptiness inside! i feel like i live a double life, people tell me i am doing good but the only see me outside, when i'm home and alone i  feel like i have no purpose. All the plans, dreams and goals we made and shared are not possible wthout him and i'm not sure how to find my way to re-invent myself the way i need to with this next part of my life ??
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I am so sorry for your loss,<br />
You have mirrowed every thing i feel so i do no how you feel, i am glad i saw your post as some times you feel as if your going mad and your the only one but sadly your not that doesnt make you feel any better when alone .<br />
We are all here if it helps to chat x

Oh dear..... I know it 's hard! I couldn't imagine going through it twice in a lifetime! Any time you need to talk just pm me. I know about those times alone. People who haven't gone through it don't understand how bad the pain and anguish is. It's not just an emotional torture but a physical one as well. people who don't understand can't see that.