Gone 2 Soon

My husband died November 16,2012 from an asthma attack on October 23,2012.he was my soul mate I feel so incomplete I miss him so much I feel so bad because he said 1 of our son had a baby that he never got 2 c . We have 2 sons 22 &20 yrs of age they looks exactly like him now this baby looks exactly like my husband my son is up & down with this baby now I'm helping da mother out with her da baby has gotten attached 2 me & she really looks like my husband. When I have her I don't feel as sad but she seems like she's talking 2 my husband she will b 1 da end of January. She makes me laugh & I stay busy with her my sons don't wont me 2 keep her because he says he's not da father what should I do
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

You should follow your heart. If you feel the need to connect with this child and her mother then that is what you should do. I don't know your sons, but you do. You know better than anyone if this child is his. Sometimes young men are afraid to assume responsibility for their mistakes and sometimes they just choose not to. It doesn't make them wrong, just misguided.
Follow your heart because even if this child is not your grandchild, she makes you happy and fills a void in your life. Sometimes God brings to you what you need in unexpected ways. Open your heart and be happy again.