Too Quick!

He came to me like a gift. A gift that last only 7 years. Three of them he was he, the best man I ever knew:kind, lovely,considered.Like a mother.After he got the stroke, he never returned like he was before. Little by little I started to loose him, until finally he went from side for ever. It took me one year to recover myself from what I called my strange illness. Finally I am conscious of my reality, he will never return, I am now just me, and have to take care for myself by my own. One year feeling he was at my side telling me what to do and what not to do. Now , I know the next days, weeks, months and years, I have to decide by myself. My time being with him will be remembered, well remembered, lovely remembered. But I have to walk alone. This is hard to accept. With nobody at my side, not asking anybody what to do, or how to do. Just me. This are my feelings, my scared feelings.

Somehow the human beings have the need to share their feelings. Does it make us stronger?





Sarhad55 Sarhad55
51-55, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I think it does Sarhad. It helps us to talk to others about what's in our hearts and minds so that we can learn and grow. We are never truly alone so long as we share our hearts with others.