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I recently lost my husband on April 5, 2010. He was killed in a motorcycle accident at 21. He was in the U.S. Navy as NAS Jacksonville.He was my best friend my love my life, and it was ripped away from me ina split second. Its hard for me to belive that this all happend because we had a closed casket and sometimes i think its all a dream and he will just pull up to the house in his motorcyce saying sorry it took so long babe. I long for his touch his kiss or just to hear his voice once more, like i never got to say goodbye because he never came home that day.

We were only married for a year and a half. I feel cheated out of life. My mother in law has been treating me so terribly on facebook saying things publicly on his page saying that i lost a husband she lost a son i will find a new one someday she will never get her son back. I am having a hard time dealing with her ontop of losing my one and only. I have been trying to find support groups and chat groups to talk to women who have similar stories. Hopefully this can being my healing process.
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Sorry for your loss, It is sad we live in a world were we are so selfcentered death not only brings out the good in many it also brings out the bad in many 10 to 1 your mother in law will not move forward so write her off and take one step at a time forward.<br />
Prayers<br />

i know your pain my husband took his life on april 4,2010 no one in his family talks to me or my kids.that is fine with me .i know my husband loved me and they can never take that from me.i look for him to come home from work but he never does.we were together for 33 yearsso it takes one day at a time.