One Year

This is the week that a year ago my life turned upside down inside out never to be the same again. The days that I scream I want him back are far and few between now, the days I cry endlessly are far and few between now. I know you understand how I feel you have been through it or are going through it, This lonley journey of lossing our loved one.   Will I always have days of feeling such a great loss I think so, will time make it bareable yes it will,  I am constantly working on moving forward with God ,family and friends each day is a new step.
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A very touching story. I've suffered loses in my life in the recent past. Not the loss of life as you speak, but hard nonetheless. Your story gives me hope. Thank you.

CuriousAngelina, Yes it is and I thank the lord he walks with me to help soften the burden.

gr8jesus Thank you .

superb language and flow of words are awesome..u left me speechless...these comments are not enough to compliment u i think.... .....:)

teganmarie, Thank you one of my goals is to touch others and help in this journery.

You put it better than my poor command of words ever could. I lost my spouse a little over a year ago, and everything you said applies to me also. Your words have helped me. Thank you.

Mia831 I am here anytime you need . Use us This site has helpped me make it thru this year. <br />
My prayers goahead

Its only been 7 weeks for me but I too now realise Ill never be that person I was 8 weeks ago again, Ill never have that carefree happy outlook again, my sons wont be the same either, everything changed for all of us that day, and it will never ever be that way again, how to look to the future when the past is where I was happy loved and full of hope for the future what future I ask now. <br />
Thank You goahead for adding me as your friend.

Thank You Connie ,<br />
Yes you understand all of what I was saying.<br />
Hugs to you <br />
God Bless and prayers

i love your positive and truthful attitude. it was 2 yrs for me on sep 8. the grieving process, is <br />
exactly what is says, its a process. the most painful process of our entire lives, but, we will all get<br />
thru it , and are getting thru it day by day, its a very painful but natural process for everyone of us<br />
who becomes widowed. i remember the first yr anniv. so unbelievably, unbearable for me, relived<br />
everything. hurt so badly. ive learned thru counseling and reading books on widowhood, there is <br />
another side to this. and were on this journey as we speak, were in the midst of it. and i believe god<br />
is leading us to it. i know for me, i am forever changed, never to see life the same again. never to be<br />
the same person again. i completely understand what your saying, its signs of healing, in baby steps<br />
hugs to you connie

You just did your magic there is a smile on my face and a lift to my heart my beloved friend Thank you

OHhh my friend you know you are always in my thoughts, I wish I had magic words for all of us to take away the pain, fear and lonliness that haunts us all sometimes but all I can offer is my friendship and my love. (((((((((((((((((((thinking of you my wonderful friend))))))))))))))))))

Than you psychowidow prayers for you and your girls<br />
God Bless

thank you for your message. i know that i am further out on this journey then you. i am not as far a courtney99 so i am not past the anxiety yet. i still have days of tears and screaming. it is getting better. continue to be strong and hold onto the memories. the year date is what my youngest daughter called the survival date. she is right it was a year of surviving without her daddy. it has been as hard on them as it has me. we often talk about the process that we have made in this survival. i find that talking about him helps more then anything else. i also like writing down my thought. especially while at church. that helps me because i am so much more focused on what is it that God has in store for me then what is it that i feel i should be doing by myself. i could not accomplish any thing without my God. it is because of him that i am now able to get up and fix my childrens' breakfast and pack their lunch. my favorite time of the day is when i pick them up in the afternoon. give it time and you will find your favorite time, as we have all learned to do this thing called living that we have her to relearn without them.

Thank you Ladee56 I an glad all is well with you<br />
God Bless and I thank God for a wonderful friend like you.

Thank you Strong is all I can do now I know life gos on it is how we do it that makes the difference. So again thank you

It's been 8 years since I lost my husband and best friend ... I think of him all the time but it's been a long time since I've felt like there's a knife twisting in my heart and the anxiety has gone too. It gets better I promise .... Be strong .....