Lonesome Journey

One year and 3 months ago I started this long and lonesome journey I have come far but have a long way to go. I do not let myself dwell on  what was, what I have lost and what I miss with all my heart for me to do that would defeat  all that my love tought and gave me. The joy the love is still in my heart and what my love tought me was life gos on and only we ourselves can make it good or bad, he would be very disappointed in me if I did not  pull myself up and do my best to have joy,caring, laughter,and love in my life. I try not to revert into myself for that only makes me miserable and therefor all around me miserable also. Yes I have my time when I cry then I hear his voice, life gos on, no one lives forever, I'm happy you should be to, but I can't make you happy only you yourself can do that.
Day by day, step by step. prayer by prayer I will make it and maybe I can help someone else along the way.
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My wonderful Tgilly I am so very lucky to have you. Love and Hugs

You're a strong woman...and i'm lucky to have you as a friend.<br />
You're not alone on that road.<br />

Thank you melcherrichic and weither you know it or not you just gave alot to me.

I know you have brought inspiration and hope to me!! I know my husband cared alot for me and worried about me, so I know you are right he would want me to be happy & healthy for myself and the kids!! Thank you for your friendship & support you constantly give!

So very beautiful you are loved

Very beautiful.

funny?! it's goin on 3 yrs & the pain gets deeper...........i thought it was supposed to fade? :-)

butterfly628. <br />
Thank you paryers are always welcomed and I will add you to mine.Yes this site has been a big part in my healing and made some wonderful friends here, now I can add a new one.<br />
<br />
God Bless <br />

I found your story very touching and uplifting. I too believe in prayer and I too pray harder on those day that I feel I am going to fall apart. It seems to have gotten better since I found EP too. All the support I get on here is amazing. I'm sure you will find the support I have found and thank you for putting it so simply. People leave us and our lives must go on. He would want that for me too. Every time I write a story or message and read a comment I am healing...praying for your healing.

gr8jesus Thank you

absolutely beautiful! Brilliant write. ..........:)

Thank you liquidamber yes my faith is what gets me through the day its is the brave and inspiring I am not sure of but it sure is nice to be told I have been. <br />
God Bless You<br />

You are very brave and inspiring and I am happy for you that you have your faith to help you through every day.

Reader2 Thank you It sound like you have the greatest helper there is God.<br />
Prayers<br />

I do understand I'm not a widow yet but the work my husband do can make me one.<br />
I too will feel sad yet I must go on, I believe only God know the day we depart this world.<br />
It painful because I have lost a lot of close friends and family member.<br />
Be strong I knew people who grieve themselves that they made their time sadder and just wasted away,<br />
I hope I don't be like that but if it happen I will try to get help.

I fiind it helpful for me to help a friend or neighbor.if i can keep myself busy in a productive way i have less time to think of what was . i remind myself that the past is the past and he is gonebut i must continue to live for however long i am supose to. i take comfort in knowing he is in a better place yes i still have days when i do nothing but cryi miss him so much. i find the serenity prayer helps me.