The Love Of My Life

My wife and I did everything togather for 24 wonderful years she gave so much joy and fun she was the sweetest kindest person in this world she was my world yes we had our up and downs but she would aways make things work out she was so amazing and it all ended in a snap It was a normal sat we both went to work saturdays was a short day for me so I drop her off first same as aways and of course a kiss goodby and always said I love you at 1;00 I pick her up and we went to get somthing to eat and shopping after shopping we came home we have 6yr old lab and my wife would aways take out me i would put the stuff away but for some reason somthing told me to go be with her  so without putting anything away I ran outside to be with her she was telling me he was taking his time and I said let him as long as Iam with you it didn't matter my dog loves where we live and so did my wife it was perfect 400acers in the country and my wife would say I could live here forever any way we got back in the house put the food away and started to relax we would aways go to our hottub even if its cold outside that it was down in mid 20 so I got out first so when she stood up I could wrap a towel around her so she wouldn't catch cold and she went inside while I put the cover on and put the stuff away for some reason don't know why she came back out to help me and I told her hunny please go back inside I'll get this but she still help when we came back in we watch tv and my wife play bingo online we were getting tired my wife had work the next day she roll over to kiss me goodnight and told me she love me and i said the same  and gave me a kiss and pass away in my arms yes I couldn,t belive what happen she never say another word yes I try to save her with cpr but it seem like it was taken to long for them to get to me and when i got to the hosp. and they told me I lost her I couldn,t beleive it happen my wife was only 48 years old she past away from brain aneurysm  she never new what happen I know I should be thankful for having her with when the time came and I know she at peace and i have go on with life but sometimes it get so tuff
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Sorry for your loss. Use this site it has been a blessing to me after the death of my best friend my soul mate my husband. there are many of us here that are willing to talk.<br />
God Bless<br />

She sounds like she is a beautiful person. Remember though.. there is no death. Only her physical body left you. She is still somewhere.. just not here..<br />
and you will see her again.