I Don't Know Why He Was Taken From Me...

Two weeks ago, April 15th, 2012 I came home and found my fiancee in bed, he had passed away. He was 31 years old and the healthiest of men. He was a construction worker, played golf, softball, disc golf, basketball, raquetball.. I could go on and on. We met in August of 2009 and immediately it was love at first sight. We actually met online and I swear we had a Match.com commercial coming our way soon! He proposed April of 2011 and we had the best wedding in the works. Our wedding was suppose to be November 17, 2012. =(

I have a million questions, a million thoughts racing through my head. I have just been through hell these past two weeks and I miss him so much. He was my strength, my soulmate; my everything. I feel so lost and confused. He was the BEST.
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mine was killed as she walked to hr office in siagon the day after i was shot down due to freindy fire

i went to get my wife out of bed in the morning of, 04/16/2012,,,,felt her cold hand and knew she was not there,,,,She had cancer and prayed for God to take her out of all her pain a suffering,,,she gave up on the doctors who would give her nothing for her pain,,where we live all the doctors think eneyone is a drug addict and will give no pain medicine out,,Thank God he took her in her sleep , no more pain and suffering,and now she is set free from all this, and where she wanted to be , with her mom ,,

npne of us have those answers i lost my wife at 19

i am sorry for your lost i lost my husband of 29 years on march 8 2012 at first it seems like a bad dream you cant wake from i know how it feels to lose your best friend your soul mate it really hurts one day at a time

Firstly I am so sorry for your loss and I understand exactly how you are feeling my husband was taken from me 6 months ago and he was so sporty he ran marathons played football rugby but his dedication and passion was golf, the house is covered in trophies, he looked a picture of health we met 12years ago only married for five years we have a beautiful little girl who misses her daddy so much, as he was the best father and husband you could ever wish for, I don't have any answers as to why my husband was taken from us and will never understand why, all I can say is I wish i'd have been taken or died with him but i have beautiful little girl who needs me more than ever and i have to carry on for her but i know the pain and know what it feels like when your soulmate dies.... Love and best wishes x

I felt the same way when i lost my husband. Nothing feel the same, but you just have to keep going, just keep swimming, eventually we all will die someday, so make it the best life ever even without him. And I'm sure thats what he wants you to do. Good luck!