Lost wife from oberian cancer. She was 58 and planned all her career for retirement. So sad she did all that and didn't live to enjoy.Passed 4/27/12. My brother passed on same day in 2010.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I am sorry your wife and brother passed away. Before you could finish mourning one you faced a second loss. You must be a very strong person to be able to even post so soon after her passing. It is impossible to imagine two losses so close to you when one seems overwhelming. Unfilled dreams in retirement linger heavy on the one remaining. My husband talked for years about a trip he was to take in about a year but, it was not to be. The first year was very difficult and now that I am nearing the end of the second year since his passing, I am beginning to feel like I can handle the "new normal" most days. You will find a support group extremely helpful at this time in understanding yourself, the pain, confusion and loneliness. There is a group called "Grief Share" one may google and put in your zipcode for the nearest location. I would never want to relive the first year after a loss again but, having done so, I am so grateful for what I learned and those who have been my support. Walk into your pain, not away from it and you will emerge much sooner I am convinced. Wishing you strength for the journey ahead.