Remember The Good

I was married for over 50 years. We married young and it feels like yesterday. I remember the first time we held hands and the electric feeling it caused in me. I smell his cologne everywhere ever around me to this day, ten years after he died. His closet is still full, and I find myself sitting down in there, trying to remember everything about him. I wrap myself up in his jackets, and try to remember his arms around me.

I recently retired, or was forced into retirement, as I don't have the stamina any longer to teach. College kids these days don't seem to care, and I've lost my passion for education since Oliver passed. I wish I still had him here.
Plurabele Plurabele
1 Response May 22, 2012

It must be difficult losing your husband and your career. You have only a few more anniversaries than I but, I understand trying to hold onto the memories but, the reality is that is what they are - memories. Life goes on despite our pain or circumstances. I hope you can find something that will give you new energy and use all the talents you have. Have you ever thought of being a child advocate or mentoring a child who needs guidance? I wish you peace in your journey.