3wks ago last sunday..my husband of 33yrs. died right in front of me.sitting in the driveway he said he felt full and his jaw hurt..I called 911 they came right away police,fire ,and amr..he was talking with the medical people..they ask him if they could check his vitals ..he said no problem..he stood up to get on the strecher within seconds he was gone.
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Im so sorry, no words, take care.XXX

You must still be in a daze disbelieving that this for real. I am surprised that you were able to write about it so soon. I am so sorry. There is little else one can say at this point in your grief. I hope this doesn't sound too absurd to you but, as soon as you are able begin to look for things you can be thankful for in this situation. The pain will be real, overwhelming and a constant for now. Reading what you have just written, I would say start with, knowing that death comes to each one in time, your husband didn't suffer from a long drawn out illness. I have been so thankful for this in my life despite wishing I still had him.<br />
Secondly, you were with him at the end. So many widows I know regret missing that time. It is hard, so very hard in the beginning but, looking for things that one is spared helps keeps one in reality. Feel free to write whenever you need to - I am a bit further in the journey than you but, not so far as to not remember what it was like where you are.

thank you...I miss him so much