Missing Him All Of The Time, Can't Move On,

My husband of almost 20 years passed into gods hands in 2009, I miss him everyday, I know it's says until death do we part, but this is past his death and I miss him so much, I don't know the dating world, not sure that it's an option I am still fairly young and don't want to be alone, I have a blessing from god, and he is now 8, had him late in life, and now it's just he and I,
How do I go on?? I get up every morning and go to work and I feel like I am just going through the motions. I still wait on him to come home, I look at the door at the usual time that he is supposed to come home, I pray for guidance I know god has not forgotten us.
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Hi, I am also a fairly young widow, my husband died Dec 08 , I am now 47 and can not imagine dating anyone else, I was 16 when we first started going out with each other. The meer thought of someone else touching me creeps me out. I am trying my best to enjoy my life with my kids and not become a bitter person, I have many friends and spend time with them when i need to. I still cant belive this has happended to me, seems just like a bad joke and one day he will come home. <br />
I am not religious in anyway and envy you the comfort of yours. The future seems so long and tiring. I am trying to find a way to make peace with this and move forward but it still seems like yesterday to me that he was here with us even though it is nearly four years.

I have lost my wife, and know how it feels. Its hard to find a date who can understand what it takes to adjust after lossing other half. It will be nice when you find some one who can understand and relate. Its been years, and I am stil looking. Somdays are better, some arn't. <br />
God bless you.

sorry i know the feelings my wife was killed along time ago and i still look for her and she was killed in viet nam on 1/14/1967