7 Long Years

My husband,best friend,LOVER,(that I meet in middle school) had a massive heart attack at home and POOOOOOOF he was gone. 32 years of marriage at that point and I miss him ..........always. So unfair that this happens. We have 2 wonderful daughters but they now have lives with their husbands and I feel so alone. So alone. If this has not happened to you ......something I would never wish on anyone,,,,,,,,,,,,you don't understand the emptiness that is in my heart. When you have it all and it is... .gone.... I tried to date.HAHAAAAAAAA that was a mistake! I will love you forever Paul!
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Yes I do understand it will be 4 yrs for me and the same stroke and gone 54 yrs old and we thought healthy no life will never be the same and yes always will love them and yes dreams are gone the best we can do is look for joy in the small things in life and make it the best we can.