Cant Believe We Just Went Through Brain Cancer And He Didint Make It. Married 28 Years.

In July 2011 My husband 54 ,of 28 years woke us up screaming, my 13 year old daughter thought he was having angihtmare. It turned out he was having a grandmal seizure. Which looked like a stroke or a herat attack. They took him the the er, did some tests and lifeflighted him to a nearby hospital. It turned o fort the cuase of the seizures were u;nkown, so they piut hi on seizure meds. They did 3 more mris over a period of 3 months and " ruled out a brain tumour". Then suddenly he had trouble moving his right arm and we went in for anoht mri. Turns out he had a giantic brain tumour, a fast growing one that beeded to be removed or it would kill him in 7 weeks. They told us that hed be lucky to live for a year or two and that the surgery would possibly cause partial parlyasis of the right side of his body.. IT was a horrible clice we had to make. wee went ahead with the surgery, and he actually did great in rehabilitation after spenidng two months in the hospital. Myd uahgter and i went eery day ( an hours drive) and worked with th nurses and doctore to rehabilitae him in th rehb ecnter. He had to relaearn to walk and talk and swallow. Thenw e brought him hoe in a wheelchair for more therapy about 8 seesions per week. IT was a realhy struggel, but his vitals were healthy and we toughed it out with the caregiving hell and tried tod make it. Soon in september the tumour moved to his frontal lone and he got very confused and had no immediate memory and had not idea what was going on. It was horrible to watch his poersobality basically just disspear overnight. Aso quite quickly in in september all his functions he had relearned started slwoing down and in a period of one week in october he could no longer move his legs,or swallow. when got him tothe ospital he failed the swallow test and they said the trumour had rapidly grown to his brain stem which means the brain cant tell the bodyt o do any basic funtions like swallow or even breathe. I had to place a do not ressucitae order on him as it would have killed him to use lifesaving measure.
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Sorry for your loss it will be 4 yrs in augs my husband was 54 had a stroke and died 3 days later he never came out of it and was his first stroke time makes it tolerable and talking here helps

You were a good wife. Never forget that he loves you.