I am 44 and lost my 38 year young beautiful wife/best freind/everything 1-20-09.  I shake as I write this and I do not know what to say other than I miss her terribly. I feel sooo alone and lost. I know life goes on but I have no idea what to do. Nothing holds my interest and I have no desire to get up every day. It seems like such struggle just to be. I have never been alone and have no idea how to go on. Just wanted to share.   JT

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Hi jeff, <br />
Im so sorry for your loss, i lost my husband 1/22/09 and feel the same you do, i have found a site for grieving widows and ppl that have lost a loved one , which is a great help, you can talk to ppl in the same situation or just watch the conversations, but they are a loving group of ppl, here is the site, please try it, it really does help to talk to someone. www.mygriefspace.net there is a chat room for widows.

I also lost my wife and best friend of 45 years. I am still having trouble trying to cope. I am staaaying with my daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren and still suffering lonleness since her passing on December 5, 2008. I can not go to the home we shared and thought by now that I would be able to, but still can not. I have her ashes setting on a table next to me in the living room with her picture. They family is gone during the day and I speak to her every day and end up usually crying. I spent 26 months in the Korean war and witnessed much dying, but this has been the most traumatic. I go to therapy once a week, does help some also take medication for depression, both work some but the pain and all still will not go away.

I feel the same way, I was married 44 years. The pain is unbearable.