My husband died a year ago. He mentally abused me for 35 years. His death was suddent and unexpected. I met a very nice man at work who wanted to meet for coffee at my house with a mutal friend with us. I mentioned this to my daughter (35) she got really angry at me. She has not even met the man. I think alot of him and would like to become better friends with him. How do I get her to understand that  I just want someone to care for me.

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Do what makes you happy. Your daughter has her own life; you need to rebuild yours.

To accept it or not is up to her. When it comes down to it there is nothing you can do to force her to be at ease with you dating. Try to explain clearly why you want to be friends with this man. She might just be worried about you and is covering it up with anger. Just try once, give her some time to think about it then get on with your life. Shes 35 - no doubt she lives her own life - you deserve to live yours.<br />
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My mother remarried this time last year - I might never really accept how she could have gone down the road she did (much as I am pleased she is no longer with my Dad). But its not my choice or my life - its hers. I whine and whinge and get upset every now and again but I leave her to do what she wants. Shes a grown woman. <br />
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Your daughter may never truely accept another man in your life, but she should be able to accept the fact that you are an adult, a woman, and that you have every right to live the life you want - and that includes seeing whoever the hell you like!