My Dancing Partner & Rummy Player Has Left..


I am a widow of seven days.  My husband suffered for the last ten years. 

 He had two hips replaced and the right went out three times.  Then two knees at the same time.  then a quadruple bipass.  along with being a Type two diabetic.  So you can tell I was kept unsteady for at least ten years and then came CANCER Stage Four in the Lungs..

.He fought a valiant battle but did not win this one.  and, he said to me:  "I am sorry I cannot get better for you".  I just couldn't answer him.

  But we did get him home and in less than 12 hours he died.  We were all around him and he had last rites and I began to feel relieved for him.  I would like to hear from other widows as to how you can become involved with life again.  Thank you.

Manchone Manchone
2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

My heart truly goes out to both of you. I am so very sorry for your losses. I pray for God to be with you and comfort you always.<br />
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Manchone, I honestly can't help you with moving on with your life, because since the doctor deliberatly killed my precious Husband and Soulmate on November 24, 2004, life has just gotten more difficult for me and I miss and need him desperately more ever day.<br />
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I do wish you the best and hope that you will find the answers you are desperately searching for. I also hope that your Husband will come to you every time you need him.<br />
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Chillywillow, I would very much appreciate you sharing your experiences with me, where you mentioned that some very odd things took place the day and days following your husbands death. I am more than interested in these types of experiences. If it's too emotionally difficult for you to share, I will completely understand.<br />
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Hugs & Angel Blessings Always,<br />
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I am so sorry for your loss, My heart goes out to you, I lost my husband 3 weeks ago,he died of a massive heart attack in his sleep, he was very sick for the last 5 years, he had multiple organ failure 3 years ago, and by the grace of God survived it, they said he was within 1/2 hour of death, 2 years ago he had kidney failure, a brain stroke and 2 heart attacks, and again survived, this time he didnt. He was only 56 years old when he passed away,So i know what you were going through, It has been very hard on me, we were married 29 years, this month on the 21rst is our 30th wedding anniversery. Some very odd things took place the day and days following my husbands death, which I can only contribute to God laying his hand on me. I have only been a widow for 3 weeks and I dont know how to tell you to become involved in life again, but I found a website with a chatroom for widows, which has been very helpful and the ppl on it are wonderful, they listen when you need to be listened to and give comfort and advise. it is free to join ,you can blog about your loss or talk in the chatroom, it has helped me through alot of tough nights.