Early Morning Discovery


I woke up to the sound of faintly playing music.  The dog woke up too and jumped off the big oversized lounge chair we were sleeping on in the living room.  I could hear the music coming from upstairs- it must be my husband's clock radio alarm, he must have slept through it again. So I made my way up the stairs to wake him up, the dog following at my heels.  I went to the bedroom and turned the alarm on the chest of drawers off. I turned to the bed to wake my husband up.  He was on his back with his arms curled up around his chest ,his hands near his face and his mouth slightly opened. I shook him- no response. Slowly and all at once I realized he was stiff.  His arms curled up around his chest were hard and stuck where they were.  I shook him again and called his name.  The dog was jumping up at the other side of the bed and barking out a warning.  Still no response from my husband , just an empty hard body-so still.  I rush to our closet to grab jeans and a sweatshirt. I dress and try one more time to rouse him-nothing.


I run down the stairs breathless, anxious, I pick up the phone in the kitchen and dial 911. They answer,"What is your emergency?'  I tell them,"I think my husband is dead."  They want me to go back to the body. I switch to the cordless phone from the living room. I go back upstairs. The only light in the bedroom is from the hallway- the light in the bedroom must be turned on at the lamp and I hav'nt done this.  The 911 operator wants me to try CPR.  He tells me to move my husband's body to the floor. I cannot, He is stiff and hard as a board. When I pull the covers off of him. his legs are straight and hard in his blue flannel PJs. I try to move him by pulling his legs off of the bed but then his head whacks into the bedside stand knocking alll of the stuff crowded on it.  I tell all this to the operator waiting on the phone, they tell me to try the CPR with my husband laying on the bed.  They say to do 30 compressions.  Having taken a few CPR classes I give it a try. I place my hands wrapped together in a little fist on his chest and try to pump life into him.  Squish, Squish I hear as I pump-but it is completely useless. He is long dead and no amount of pumping on his hard cold chest is going to change this.

I explain to the 911 operator that the CPR is not helping as my husband just lays there on the bed hard as a board, a sickly sweet smell coming off of him. The operator says an ambulance is on its way.  Meanwhile the dog is still jumping at the edge of the bed barking frantically and my husband is still sleeping his final sleep.  I go downstairs to let the emergency personnal in. First an ambulance attendant arrives and then  firemen in a fire truck all dressed in their fire gear show up. (There is no need for this as there is no fire)  I explain the situation to them and we all go upstairs to see the body.  They examine my husband and turn to me and say"Sorry Ma'am"  (No need for this either ,I already knew he was dead.)   The ambulance attendant takes me downstairs to the kitchen so I can begin to make the awful early morning phone calls to other loved ones of my husband's who are still blissfully unaware of what awaits  them upon waking. The attendant calls the coroner while I throw-up in the kitchen sink.


This is how my 22 years with my husband ended and nothing has ever been the same since.

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Dear god, I got to this late, but my god. They way you told the story, I felt like I was there.<br />
<br />
What a horrible thing to endure. God I can't imagine what went through your head and how rough it was after that.<br />
<br />
Can't offer much but a 'very sorry' for your loss, not that it helps very much . . . but still . . .

I am sorry for ur loss

What actually happened to him? Did he have a heart attack? How old was he?

Yes I do get out and about. I still own the house my husband died in but no longer live in it. It is for sale.Thanks for your kind words.

Oh my girl. I feel so bad for you. You're too young as was your husband. I hope you get out and about and have friends to comfort you. Can I ask....do you still live in that house?