Brians Gone

i am a widow since feb 12,2004.he had hepc and a liver disorder that told turned into liver cancer.we were  told dec11,2003 ,he had cancer he was in the emergency department .he was trying to put his coat on backwords .we went home by not so smart.i wound up calling the pallitive nurse to please come and see him his anexiety was so bad .his pain was not controled.he was admitted to the tom baker cancer centre.tersurey pallitive care .we both seen and heard many things he really never really sat down much.he was put on dilated in pill form .he was stablized and we were transfered to agape hospice.christine was the chaplin there then.we were signed in at 1 30 in the afternoon feb 3,2004 and he passed away at 130 feb12,2004. brian was 59 when he passed.

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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

That is terrible. I'm so sorry about your loss. My mom has Hepc. She also has liver problems. She is going through treatment. And she is doing well considering how long she has had it.