I Miss Him So Much

i am a widow, i lost my husband 1 1/2 years ago..when do u start living again and stop crying..How long does it take to deal with this without being overwhelmed by bills and mail medical bills. The lonliness is the worst my friends are all married and don't understand i'm always the third wheel..  jimmies love

jimmieslove jimmieslove
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Hello Jimmies Love,<br />
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I really hate to tell you this, but it's taken me since November 24, 2004, to even be able to talk about what happened with my precious Husband of 36 years.<br />
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All I can tell you, from my heart is......If you truly loved your Husband, as it sounds like you did, take your time and don't try to rush your personal grief. I was overwhelmed by medical bills until last month. So take your time paying those as well.<br />
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The friends that my Husband and I had, were OUR friends and they were all we had. They don't call, they don't come around and they have no idea what every day is like for me and I feel like they could really care less. Then sometimes I wonder if it's because they feel so uncomfortable without my Husband here, and it's too close to their own eventual reality, that they just stay away so they don't have to face it. Not sure which.<br />
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If you want to talk anytime, my email address is kellco@trilobyte.net and I'll be more than happy to help you in any way I can.<br />
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Hugs & Blessings,<br />

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