Every so often I dream about my husband. I have come to terms with his leaving. With my not ever being able to see him again or talk to him. To have him hold me in his arms.
But whenever I do dream of him, I wake up feeling bereft all over again and life seems so unfair.
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Hi Helian Sorry to hear of your situation. How long has it been since you lost your husband? I guess time is a great healer and bye and bye you will start to feel better. If it is possible you should join an association of like minded people your age. I know that is easier said than done but it would be worth giving a try. If you qualify as a senior citizen then you would be able to join a club for such folk which would enable you to interact socially with a large group of people with similar interests. Try it! Cheers.

I hardly every dream of my husband but then I hardly ever dream the first year many times I thought oh I need to call him and tell him this or I need to remember to tell him about this . Sorry for your loss we know that some day is coming we just did not think it would come so soon. Prayers

I do the same. Some morning I wake and think he is in the bath getting ready for work. It seems so real that I swear his side of the bed is warm. It feels like the hole in my heart will never close

I don't think it does close. I think we learn to live with it, part of us is gone. I know his spirit is close and keeps me safe. I also talk to him out loud or in my mind. I miss him everyday but I know he would want me to move on. I grateful to EP as it was a place to express myself and in turn share my story and listen to the stories of others. Take care of yourself.

It is unfair, I call it the loneliest club you will every be in. I haven't had any vivid dreams so not sure how to deal with your situation. I have had tears just start out of nowhere.
Take care