It Still Hurts!

My husband passed away on april 21st 2007. We have 2 daughters, they are 5 an 3 now. His death was very unexpected an he died at 29yrs old. I miss him so much an there is no cure for a shattered heart. I hate feeling the way I do an I miss him more than words could try an explain but I would feel it 10x's worse if I could take the pain my daughters feel away! My 5yr remembers him very well an misses him very much. My 3yr old remembers very little of him an doesn't understand why she can't go an see an play with daddy. She was 13months old when he passed. I'm doing every thing I can to go on with life but I still have the bad days an miss him so much. they say time will make it better but so far I have to disagree. you learn to adapt to your new rutines in every day life but its been almost 2yrs an the pain is still as strong as it was the day he passed. I'll always love an miss him but I don't want to feel the pain anymore! It still hurts unbearably every day.

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My heart truly goes out to you. I lost my precious Husband of 36 years on Nov. 24, 2004 and it still hurts. Our two grown daughters and my Husband's son still miss him and talk about him. That's one thing I really can't do yet, because it's so painful. I visit him every day at the Cemetery, talk to him all the time, still wear my wedding rings and his wedding ring on a chain around my neck, cry every day, try to avoid everyone in the stores, because they simply do not understand and it's too painful for me. I just don't know how anyone can ever get over anything like this and "just move on" like everyone tells you. Time does NOT heal all wounds, sometimes it just makes them deeper. I wish I had all of the answers for you, because I really hate to see anyone in this position. But I don't. I have read as many books as I can find on Heaven and Life After Death and some are a bit comforting, but still not the answers I'm so desperately searching for.<br />
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Please feel free to write to me anytime. I am honestly here for you to vent to and that's something we all need.<br />
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God Bless You Always,

I am so very sorry for your loss. The loss of a spouse is like the loss of a part of yourself. If there is anything I can do do ease your pain I will.

it is so hard to share with others what pain you are in so it is easier to pretend that all is ok, my husband died 3 months ago and it worse now than then because now everyone has gone and i am alone, never again will i commit so fully to someone i cant do this ever again - would rather find a way to be content and peaceful by myself than suffer again like i am now - just know that you are not alone or crazy - i think sometimes that most of my friends will have to suffer this pain one day when one half of a marriage dies but i still wish i had more time with my husband

i am so sorry to hear your story, my husband passed on aug 20 2007 very sudden theres not a day i dont think about him, how could i forget him?noone understands unless they go through and experience the pain of it all. i had many many people at the funeral telling me "anything i can do for you let me know" where the hell are they now!!! all i want is a friend, im sorry for your loss.