my husband died 3 months ago and i have been praying for a dream with him but nothing, his good friend told me yesturday about a dream he had with my husband in it and i am so angry that why cant i, surely it should be me who gets to see him again.  do any of you dream about your partner i just want a couple of minutes with him even if it is in my sleep

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Soon after my husband died I had a dream we were in a hospital together and I turned to him and said I could go through this with his help at which time I saw him across the room and then gone. We were in a car accident together where he did not make it and I did. I was in intensive care at that moment and made it through without him. The Bible does say that we cannot communicate with our dearly departed so I would not trust any messages from them. My Jon did not give me a message except he would not be there for me! In 2011 I wrote a book called "God Moves Us in Mysterious Ways" telling the complete story. I hope all is well for you now! Blessings, Nancy

It seems that dreams are something that you can't force. I just had a dream about my wife a few days ago, and yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of her passing. It will happen, be patient.

I also have the same wish. He past away on 1-10-10 from injuries after a car accident. I sleep in his clothes, have his photo next to me. I miss him so much.

I'm so sorry for your loss. My husband died August 2nd,99. I too have wanted so much to dream of hm; and I have. Not as much as I want. If that's the only way I can see him again, I'll take it.

It is too soon for you to have dreams of him. I lost my Husband of 25 years, 4 yrs ago. I too wanted to dream of him and it didn't happen for the first six months or so. I think it was because I was caught up in the grief and taking medication to help me sleep. I now dream of him often and it is very comforting.

I'm soo sorry for your loss. My husband died 3 weeks ago from cancer. I wish too that I'll have dreams of him and feel the joy I once knew when we were together. A friend of mine told me that I'm grieving now and that those dreams that I long for may not happen until my grief lessens and in time our grief will lessen and when were able to feel joy and feel good again, I think thats when our dreams will be fulfilled. <br />
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Please take care of yourself and if you need someone to talk to, you can email me.

My wife of 37 years passed away suddenly on 1/29/09 and I have been secretly wishing for a dream of her and I together, the same as you have wishing for. Maybe one day we will both have our dream fullfilled, of being with our loved one in a special dream.