Can't Wrap My Head Around My New Title."widow"

 'I Am widow"

I lost my husband of 41 years on Dec 30,2008 6months after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. Our girls and our granddaughter cared for him at home until he took his last breath.  It was a a long, hard battle.  I feel that I have  not yet truly grieved, yes I have bad days when I cry and miss him terrible. But there are days when I refuse to allow myself this release. I can't or wont believe that I am a "Widow".


We will be attending grief counseling sessions soon, they have been strongly suggested by friends and family. Hopefully this will help, I have been keeping myself extremely active through work and civic, and church activities and projects.  Manly because I don't want to be at home alone.  I do realize that I can't keep living my life at this pace, but for now this is the only peace I feel.

gmmartin gmmartin
Mar 20, 2009