My Husband Died In a Car Accident

My husband died in a car accident,3 weeks ago the pain is unbearable we have a two year son,who keeps asking for daddy,my life was all about him and I cant visualise a day without him,even looking at my son is painful, the thought that any new things he says or does his dad wont see is killing me,he loved us both so much and i didnt tell him enough how proud I was of him as a father and husband.This is hell on earth.

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My husband died 2 weeks ago in a car crash. We have a 4 year old son. I am so lost and shocked and I feel numb. How did you move forward. I won't give up because our son deserves the best, but I don't have the energy to do anything anymore. I loved him so much we were only married a year and a half. It feels so unfair.

I just googled "what can I do for my dearest girlfriend who list her husband in a tragic accident".
And it brought my I this. I am still crying. I have experienced the death of my sister, my brother, my baby nephew, my FATHER, and all my grandparents. I'm 36 years old... And so isy friend. And even
With all the death I have experienced... I have no idea what to do. My husband and I were the ones to tell her that her husband died in a crash (yesterday). THAT was so hard to watch. I took her kids last night until she could spend time with her parents and get ready to tell their three little daughters. It is now the next day, and I want to call and check on her, go buy her a gift to brighten the new life of grey that seems looming. I want to get her little girls gifts. I want to text absurd and crude texts with funny pictures or get her mind off of things, if
Only for he second t takes to read it. I want to text her inspiring quotes. Ones that tell her she is not alone and she is stronger than she knows. I want to go over and clean her house for her... Give her less things to worry about. I want to leave her completely alone so I don't invade this time with her kids as family and relatives. I don't want to do anything that will make her push me away, but I also don't want to sit and do nothing and she thinks I don't care. What was the most helpful for anyone who lost a spouse? I know everyone is different. I hate when people show me sympathy or give me that look that says, "you poor thing! Are you doing ok?" I like comedy to lift me. But again... I don't know. I told her last night when aw came with her sisters or get her kids and tell them (we live across the street from one another) , I I repeated over and over "if you need ANYTHING!!... ANYTHING!!! No matter the time or day. From taking the kids? To coming over at 2am to keep her company. That I'm here". I just don't know what, or when, or if I
Should do anything yet. Or wait until she needs me. It is killing me. I just want to scoop her up and rock her sadness out of her, and bring back the husband she loves and misses so much!!!

I also lost my husband in a car accident on 1st of May 2010 Year...that was the worst day n worst year for me.. i have lost my most loving n precious husband i really missed him... alot Oh God!!!! please give me back my husband.... its impossible to forgot him n give his place to anyone else.. its almost 5 years...n i m still waiting for him n i know God will give me my husband back..... he will come back for me from anywhere....i love you Laddoo..... we were together for 3 years n 3 months only we have spent lots of love on us he loves me alot we got married on 13th Dec 2006... that was the happiest day for us i never forgot a single memory of that day i have every single memory in my mind my husband was so loving, caring n i love him so much i can never forget him in any condition he is every thing for me....

My heart and prayers are with you. So very sorry for your loss, I know this pain to well. The loss of my husband has broken my heart, the pain is unbearable. Its been 4 months, sirossis of the liver, funny thing he never drank alcohol. Though our circumstances are different the pain is the have to keep strong for your baby, let that be reason enough to give you strength. Stay strong.

Oh God, I was thinking that I am the only one who's in grief, lonely and devastated! I lost my fiance just 4 days ago! I am in a lot of pain that I have to take sleeping aid coz I can't bring myself to calm. I cried a river of tears and been asking why him? I am really a Godly person but I admit my faith has shaken since the day I learned about the accident. I met him last summer 2012 and engaged last christmas. I worked in CA and had to leave but I promised him to be home on June then we will get married. He always call and text and these past few days he's been miserable crying on the phone begging me to come home very soon. I assured him we will be fine and few more months I will be there with him and we have the rest of our lives. Monday afternoon, January 28, 2013 he called me telling me that he missed me terribly and all he wanted was me to come home by tomorrow. We had an argument that time. I told him to be patient coz June is not that long? He said sorry after and that he just missed me and wants to start our new life asap. It's because we're talking for like 3 hours I told him to get home coz it's getting dark and he was riding his Harley and just stopped at the gas station to talk to me. We finished the conversation by sayinh bye's and I said I love him and be safe. The morning after, my Aunt phoned me that he died in an accident on his way home last night! The feeling was indescribable! I said that could't be real! We're engaged for God's sake! We had so many plans and he promised me everything! From that very day, it felt like my whole world has stopped spinning. All the things I've said and done came on me like a slap on my face. And then I blamed myself for not listeninng to him! If I only knew. Where is God right now? Cause it still doesn't make sense? I'm not a horrible person to feel this kind of pain. It hurts like hell, if hell was real then I'm really convinced that this is it. Oh God, why???

I am so sorry for your loss and your pain. Hold on to those beautiful memories, I also asked why him, was even still am angry. Don' t sleep, eat much, cry a lot, it does feel like hell.

hi everyone... i thought i was the only one in the world going through this tragic expericenc, but i now see i am not alone... my husband died in a car accident on nov 1st 2012 its been about a month and a half... i am devastated... i had to take his body to mexico with his mom and family that i had never met before... we were only 3 months married but had been gf and bf for 3 years... he was 28 and i am 22 we were in love... i loved and love him with all my heart... we did not have children which kills me that i do not have a piece of his blood with me... god has helped me get through this a lot... but sometimes i feel so devasted i want to kill myself or i just want to sleep all day... i fell soo bitter about everything even waking up to a new day is bitter and i hate it... i feel so lost

I know how it feels. I lost my fiance too just 4 days ago. All my dreams, plans and future has died with him. I felt like there is no more life left for me. This pain hurts like hell. I don't know what to do and what to think.

I lost my husband too 3 months ago because of fatal car crash and I am pregnant to our first baby. Until now I still accept that he's gone. I also feel bitter when I see happy couples with their kids. I am due next month and I'm hoping that the pain that I feel now will be eased even little when my baby is here. I really miss him so much.

i lost my husband 26 days ago, were just married for 6 months. he died in a car accident. it was so sudden and tragic. it was very traumatic and very painful. i feel bitter every time i see happy couple and family. its just like a nightmare and i want to wake up.

I lost my fiance two weeks ago, we were together for just under 5 years and we have an 11 month old son. He was killed in a car accident on Halloween night, just three weeks before our son's first birthday. When I look back at the phrase "killed in a car accident" I still feel like I am talking about someone else. I know how all of you feel. I cry at the things I don't expect to and the shock of it all is wearing off and reality is setting in. It kills me that I wont be able to talk to him anymore, to kiss him or hug him. He was 24, I am 26. If our son wasn't here I wouldn't be far behind him, I don't want to live in a world where he is not there. But, I know I have been called to raise our child and be there for him and help him understand who his father was. I've never known this type of pain but it is hell. My son gets me through and that is a blessing. Stay strong ladies, we will see them again.

I am 40 in 2 weeks time and on 7th april 2011 my wonderful husband died in a car accident on his way to work, what hurts more than anything is that 12 days before we had just re-newed our wedding vows, we have custody of my husband 2 youngest children who are 14 and 11 and I am finding it so hard to stay strong but I know I have to for their sake. I need to know how to feel i just feel numb and am still waiting for Gary to walk through the door. It wasnt meant to be like this, I love and miss Gary so much and hate going to bed at night, and then waking up I cant stay there I dont know what to do.

I lost my husband in a fatal car accident on May 27th 2010.. We were together for 7 years and 6 months.. He was only 31 years old.. We have a 6 year old son..I have my good days and a lot of bad days as im sure all of you do also.. Not a second of my day goes by when hes not on my mind..I have what I call.. SPELLS.. Where I can do nothing but replay his accident over and over in my mind.. Wondering what happened.. Wondering what he went through.. Praying that he was unaware.. And that he felt no pain.. My husband was alone in the car and his accident was not witnessed by anyone so I will never know for sure what caused his car 2 go off the road.. That makes it even more difficult.. He was an amazing husband.. A wonderful father.. Just loved by everyone.. I have my days when Im just not sure i can make it through the rest of my life without him..

i also lost my husband 9 months ago we have 6 children together he was in a fatal roll over it has been very painful i cry alot its like the crying never goes away the emptiness in your heart. it is very hard to keep on living. but we have to do it for our children me and my husband were together for 27 yrs. our anniversary is comming up now in march we had christmas without him the holidays were really hard.i wish a lot of times it should have been me you just dont see life the same no more i dont remember being happy or smiling since my husband has left me

I am so sorry fo the loss of your husband and the children's Father and hopefully you can find peace with faith, strength and prayers, I am trying as I also lost my husband a month and half ago to Leukemia and trying to live one day at a time but it is not easy because he was my life as well. God bless you all.<br />

i also lost my husband, over a year ago. we have 4 children together. I have found that i cry more for their loseing him then i, somehow i feel he is still here in my heart. I tell my kids that daddy will see everything we did when we all get to heaven, like a big movie, they seem to have accepted it so much better than I. I kno its so hard when we have shared with our spose every aspect of our kids lives and know we have no one to share it with, I have taken to writing it in a jurnel, it dosn't help as much as you would think, other friends do't understand. They don't realiese how hard it really is. I am truly sorry for your famiy's loss. and I will keep you in my prayers. <br />
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hugs. Beth