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 i guess i am a widow now im 30 years old and my husband was 28. i dont even know how to go on every dream we had is gone.he died last week he had aplastic anemia and died of a heart attack 5 hours before his transplant. i wish i knew how to go on. Every night i would call him and say "goodnight muffin and he would say goodnight love" i miss that more than anything i miss him so much. i wish we had children. i miss him so much i need him im afraid and alone.

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1 Response Aug 25, 2009

I lost my husband a month ago we were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were in seventh grade we had not seen each for 29 years.I had been devoriced for 8 years he was newly devoriced. he looked me up though friends and we were married and together for 13 wonderful years. I thank God for my time with him and yes I miss him so very much he was my best friend,my ture soul mate.I ask God to help me and he will. I have found that this site has helped me to think of some one else and I noticed no one has responed to your post and I wanted you to know I read it and my heart gos out to you