Anniversary Approaching

Hi Everyone

The anniversary of my husbands death is fast approaching - Dec 4th and i am seeking advise about what this day was like for others

we have survived Christmas, fathers day, birthdays etc....

does this day hold greater importance for us widows? i find if i am forwarned i can deal with the sadness better - it is the moments that i am not prepared for that seem to pull the rug out from under me and i cannot handle

i would appreciate your experiences and guidence on how to approach this day and help my kids

Erinlee Erinlee
3 Responses Sep 30, 2009

Hello Erinlee,<br />
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I've gone through almost 5 Anniversaries of my precious Husband being killed by the doctor who was suppose to save his life and each one is just as painful as the first.<br />
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Our two beautiful adult daughters usually go with me to the Cemetery. We talk to him, tell him how much we need him and let a bouquet of balloons go. Sounds corny probably, but it helps all of us.<br />
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I've been doing everything I possibly can to try to find God's way of being able to still be "us". I believe with all my heart and soul that all things are possible with God and he knows that my precious Husband and I are SUPPOSE to still be together as one, like we've always been since the day we met. I believe God will show us the way. I just can't do this without him and I know in my sould that he can't do "that" without me.<br />
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If anyone wants to write to me personally, please feel free to do so. My heart is with all of you.<br />
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Angel Blessings,<br />
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That missing and longing will never pass not for me my hubbys death occured 3yr ago on Aug 10, I miss and think of him every day. For my kids we had a ballon release day, they drew little pictures and wrote little notes on small post-it notes which we stuck to the ribbon on the balloons, they watched until they could'nt see them anymore then they knew that daddy had them in heaven. It broke my heart but helped them, they are 7 & 5. Nothing is easy on this nightmare journey we are on, all we can do is support each other and do the best we can. ((((((((((((hugs to you and kids))))))))

Sweet Erinlee,<br />
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I just experienced the one year of my husband's passing at the end of August and truthfully, I was dreading it just like you. <br />
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There were no preconceived ideas about the day itself as there was nothing to compare it to. It was just another sad day nothing more or less than the 364 days that had preceded it.<br />
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Year one was complete shock. Going into year two is still shock and the stark reality that we will never be together on this plane again. I miss him more and more each passing day.