My First Holiday

I am a widow for three months now and Thanksgiving was my first holiday without my beloved soul mate. I  have come to the realization that a holiday is no different than another day, some are good some are not,  but by the grace of God  thanksgiving was a day of giving thanks for me,  I was with family that love me very much and they loved my husband very much and yes we said his name  and that it was quite with out him, my husband was the sunshine of our family he brought laughter and smiles to everyone and evrywhere he went, that is what we keep alive in our hearts . Remembering and sharing  how much our loved one ment to us is a very helpful way to heal and my greatest thanks is to my Lord his promise is he will always be with me and guide me and I can cast my cares on him and I do.

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2 Responses Nov 28, 2009

absolutely, we are nothing without god, he is carrying<br />
us thru this painful journey, i lost my husband 15 months<br />
ago today, right before all the holidays, halloween <br />
txs giving, xmas, newyrs...etc....on and on. this is our<br />
2nd time around me and my two teens, my daughter<br />
16 my son 13, my late husband to, like yours, was the<br />
life of every party.,everyone always asking for him, whats he up<br />
to can he make it to whatever family event was going <br />
on. everyone flocked to him like a magnet, so funny<br />
silly, comical all the time, he is sorely missed. it is so<br />
good and healthy to hear, you had a good txsgiving<br />
dinner in his memory. luv connie and teens

Goahead- I sympathize! I'm glad you could be thankful for the day. Blessed is the day we remember our loved ones.