I Lost The Love Of My Life

Blair and I met when I was 17.  My friends would tease me and call him "Grandpa" because he was 5 years older than me.  But we shared 31 wonderful years... although we had our bad spouts like most married couples do.... but always stayed together where we belonged. On December 29th, after eating lunch he said he didn't feel good.  I thought "Great... food poisoning." as he had just had taco's from Jack in the Box.  The day went on without anything out of the ordinary (we both work from home), he even played Wii with the kids and grandkids.  That night he stayed up later than usual watching one of his favorite shows.  About 11:30 as he was getting ready to go to bed (but still sitting in his recliner) and said "All the sudden every inch of my body hurts and I feel like I'm on fire.".  I didn't think too much of it... all the grandkids had been over and had the flu.  A few minutes later, we heard him in the bathroom "violently" vomiting.  This went on for a few minutes with out daughter checking on him.  She then saw him stumble to the bedroom.  I went in there and he was lying on the bed.  I asked him to let me take him to the emergency room as I thought he had food poisoning.  Everything pointed in that direction.  He argued with me about going and said "I just need to relax for a minute." so I kept an eye on him for about 5 minutes but continued to ask him to go to the hospital. Finally he asked to go.  We took him to the car and I went as fast as I could without getting pulled over.  It only took us a couple of minutes.  I took my son-in-law so that I didn't have to get him in and out by myself, etc. We got to the hospital and got him in quickly.  Giving his name, telling them what he was experiencing, etc.  I told him "You know I love you" as he said to me "I can't hear on the left" as I looked down to notice he was squeezing his left arm.  I hollared at the attendant who took him in to do an EKG. They came out saying it was IRRATIC and took him to be admitted. Right then and there, he suffered the first of many massive heart attacks. In the end, we lost my love at 2:29 am on December 30th. There are no words for the loss I feel. I lost as amazing husband, my daughters lost an amazing father, my grandaughters lost an amazing PaPa, and the world lost "Mr. Lumber". I will never be the same. I'm trying so hard to understand why God thought it was necessary to take him away from us.
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I can... Imagine losing someone after that chunk of time its... Beyond words you have my comfort and support I feel for you greatly

I am not sure why you did not finish,but i got the picture,that is a very sad story,I can t imagine losing someone after 31 years thats a huge chunk of time.i really am lost for words I hope you stay strong and are able to start over,thank you for sharing. take care.