A Rekindled Life From The Ashes

(This is a poem I wrote today, showing from my own personal experience that there can be life & love after being widowed.

It is not for everyone-- but for some, like me--a new chapter and doorway into a renewed and better life has come about.)


Love Opened up Hope and Happiness to a Life Derailed


 We plan our lives to live out our dreams
hoping only the best will come,
But life at best is a mixed bag--
it works out smoothly only for some.

I thought myself to be of the few
to live a charmed  and good life,
and so I did for many years--
until the swift death of my wife.

It seemed then my life was over
for my world came crashing down,
to my life I became a stranger
no sense of normal to be found.

Life can change for good or bad
I now knew this first hand,
We think we're building a foundation
but it turns into crumbling sand.

But to me God was merciful
His providence He would provide,
beyond my own ability to change
He showed me He was on my side.

Seeking help to deal with my grief
I turned to the Internet,
just wanting to make it through each day
but much more was coming that death.

On one site I met someone
who lived half a country away,
who used her own experience of widowhood
to bless others in the same way.

And so she offered a book she'd wrote
without charge to those who mourned,
I called to thank her for it
and a new friendship was born.

A growing love soon developed
the gift of a caring God,
Who helps us in our infirmities
and who changed the way I thought.

No my life was not yet over
for Love's for had been opened for me,
a new life emerged from the rubble
He light shone in the darkness for me.

The new love and life He gave us
transformed two people in need,
so in our hearts Love blossomed
and so did our darkness recede!~

Yes, love made all the diff'rence
the diff'rence of Night and Day,
and now with each wonderful sunrise
Life thrives for us in every way!



WerkNProcess WerkNProcess
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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Thank you friend, I see you also know Romans 8:28.<br />
"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,<br />
to those who are called according to His purpose."<br />
See, we can and I do know the power of His transforming <br />
providence! I like the praise song by Robin Mark, which says,<br />
<br />
"He lowers us to raise us, that we might sing His praises, <br />
whatever is His way, all is well. <br />
He makes us rich and poor,<br />
that we might trust Him more<br />
whatever is His way all is well!"