Everything Has Changed.

My husband passed away on 09/09/09, after fighting ill health for 17 years. He hadn't wanted to die, and he hadn't even realised until a day or so before, that this time,  he was unlikely to be able to survive. He finally had surgery on an aneurysm in his femoral artery. He made it through that operation. However the blood flow to his leg stopped and they had to get him back in for more surgery. We waited 8hrs in the waiting room outside intensive care for news and they had forgotten we were there. By the time we rang through to enquire what was happening ( as we had been told they would come and let us know as soon as there was any news), he had suffered several heart attacks and been revived several times. They were  reviving him again,  when I ran in to see him. I told them to stop, it was so obvious he had been through enough. He passed away moments later with me holding his hand.I can hardly believe it, my husband had gone, and I  was now  a widow.

marian52 marian52
51-55, F
Feb 20, 2010