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 hi name is lisa..i lost my husband darren in septemb er 09......he died from pancreatic cancer within 7 wks..actually think im still in shock it the most horrific feeling in world to lose ur partner....the one uv shared dreams with and want to spend rest of ur life with .ill never b the same person part of me died when he died ....

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

my husband of 50 yrs died on feb 1st 2009. i seemed to cope in a fashion, now it has hit hard.<br />
i miss him so much, getting awful panic attacks, dont know what i want anymore.<br />
i keep his casket at home, his wish was when i went i was to be cremated and, our ashes scattered together, we have chosen a specific area amongst woods

I am sorry for you loss, mine was Aug 30th 2009 I am here if you woild like to talk

I am so sorry about your loss. If you want someone to talk to that will listen... feel free to add me. Again I am so sorry that you lost him.