Christmas Eve Tragedy

My husband and I were married when we were 19 years old. We were married for 6 years and had three children. I am 25, in my last semester of college and find myself as unmotivated as ever. I have always been a strong person. I lost my mother and grandmother in a car accident when I was 11. My husband was taking my distraught 16 year old sister to find her boyfriend and was hit by a speeding truck who ran a stop sign. I find myself asking myself who I am.....Who I'll ever be without him.....I recently found out that I was 12 weeks pregnant......This is the most trying time of my life and find myself wanting to talk to people who have lost their best friend....Gabe was all I ever could relate to....he forced his love on me and now I feel as though I have hardly any....what I would like is for people who have been in my situation or something like that to tell me how they got through it...I love my husband unconditionally and forever and do not know how to cope with this....I used to have so much faith in humanity and myself...I honestly believed that I could do anything I put my mind to...AFter could I have made it to college with three kids? babies.....and a husband I was super attentive to......but my will is broken...irreperable I, believe......any advise?

tinaandgabe tinaandgabe
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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I can feel your pain as I hav also lost my husband on 1march 2010. <br />
But I m trying to live as this is the truth though still I m not able to believe all this...<br />
<br />
Just let me know if I can be of any help to you..<br />
You are in my prayers dear..<br />
Take care